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Antique 18k Gold Snake with Face Ring

Antique 18k Gold Snake with Face Ring

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A snake ring with a sweet face set with a rose cut diamond in scalloped setting, and its body wrapping your finger like a double band. While it looks dainty, it makes a great statement ring.

Snake in jewellery has been found since ancient kingdom such as of Egyptian, classical period of the Imperial Rome, even in Chinese culture since the third century BC. During the Renaissance and Baroque, the snakes regained positive values of metamorphosis and regeneration. The Victorian age brought a great revival of snake themed jewels, especially after Prince Albert gave Queen Victoria an engagement ring in the shape of a snake with an emerald head. From 1840s, the serpent came to represent eternity and wisdom. And early 1900s, snake jewellery enjoyed another wave of popularity due to Art Nouveau's passion for nature.

Metal: 18K
Approximate Measurements:
Stone: Rose cut diamond (natural)
Size: 7.5 US
Gross Weight: 2.8 g
Hallmarks: Faint eagle head mark (French for 18k)
Condition: Good with wear due to age, pre-owned condition

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