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Antique 9K Rose Gold Knot Ring

Antique 9K Rose Gold Knot Ring

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This is a heavy, solid knot ring. The style is rather unusual as it has multiple loops of knot.

A knot ring is a timeless symbol of eternal love. It appears in ancient Egyptian and ancient Greek, the association of knots with love has appeared in many different cultures throughout history. Sailors were given a love knot bracelet made out of woven rope as a reminder of their loved ones and as a talisman to keep them safe. Another folklore tells of lovers tying a knot on a tree. If the knot holds for a year, it means that their love will last. Whether you believe these things or not, the knot can never be out of style!

Metal: 9K Rose Gold
Approximate Measurements:
Size: 5 US
Gross Weight: 3.8g
Hallmarks: British Hallmarks 9, 375, Anchor, d (9 karat gold, Birmingham assay, year 1903)
Era: Edwardian (1901-1910)
Condition: Evident of resizing, pre-owned condition

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