Eye of the Cat Jewellery x Peony Jade is a two person collaboration with Eye of the Cat Jewellery founder, Jennifer Banse and Peony Jade founder, Precilia Wong.

Precilia and Jennifer specialise in sourcing and offering one of a kind antique and vintage jewellery pieces that are steeped in history and stories. The jewellery has been specifically selected; these curated pieces are unique in design and style. Once purchased, rarely, if not ever, will there be another available. You are invited to explore these special treasures from the past and discover the captivating world of antique jewellery.

Launched in early 2019 by Jennifer Banse, Eye of the Cat Jewellery seeks to connect people to a world of pre-loved vintage and antique jewellery. Jennifer carefully curates the Eye of the Cat collection, prowling the world to rescue only the most unique pieces that catch her eye. What drives the hunt is the thrill of finding pieces—rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, charms—that have withstood the test of time, attaining unique character and time-perfected patina. Eye of the Cat is also a resource for how to's, dos and don'ts tips, discoveries and news — catnip for anyone curious and wanting to learn more about the world of jewellery. Jennifer is a GIA Accredited Jewelry Professional (AJP).

Precilia has been an avid collector of jewellery pieces since 2011 and started Peony Jade to meet fellow jewellery enthusiasts, share her love for collecting jewellery and has put some very beautiful pieces up for sale on her Instagram account much to the delight of her followers. She sources her pieces on her travels and always comes back with the most beautiful treasures.

Instagram: Peony Jade

Both Eye of the Cat and Peony Jade  are  proud to be environmentally conscious with a strong belief that the right design is timeless. As the majority of the pieces offered being estate, vintage and antique, this means no new resources are required to manufacture them — we know how destructive gold and gemstone mining are. In addition, they may come with the history of previous owners, divulging the otherwise lost stories from another era.