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18K Egyptian Faience Scarab Swivel Ring with Ankh engraving

18K Egyptian Faience Scarab Swivel Ring with Ankh engraving

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Scarab, or dung beetle, was a popular symbol in the ancient Egyptian history with its close affiliation to the sun god, Ra. Scarab was used for an amulet (form of protection) and a token to remind the wearer the cycle of life and death. The Egyptian revival era was a period of time when there was a renewed interest in ancient Egyptian styles and it was reflected in some of the jewellery designs in Victorian and Art Deco eras.

This one is a special one made out of Egyptian faience, which is a ceramic used by the Egyptians to create colored glazed objects to mimic gemstones, in this case turquoise. At the bottom of the scarab is the Ankh symbol, which is an ancient Egyptian symbol that symbolizes "life". Egyptian faience was the most common material for ankh amulets in later times, as the bluish colour represented life and regeneration.

Metal: 18K Gold
Approximate Measurements:
Size: 6.75 US
Gross Weight: 5 g
Hallmarks: Owl (French hallmark for 18k gold and imported works)
Era: Unknown
Condition: The faience has crack and has been restored using jewellery glue, hence this is reflected on the price.

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