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Eye of the Cat & Peony Jade Jewellery

18K Yellow Gold Eye of the Cat Connector with Amethyst Ear Tips

18K Yellow Gold Eye of the Cat Connector with Amethyst Ear Tips

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It's no secret that I love cats so this is a special project that is close to my heart.

This custom designed Eye of the Cat Jewellery piece was dreamed up after futilely looking for a very specific charm enhancer to hold my growing collection of cat charms.

From that vision, and sketched on paper, I placed it in the hands of my jeweller to turn imagination into reality. With each piece meticulously handcrafted after months of working on the design, tweaking, and finalizing all the small details, I am so proud and happy to announce that the Eye of the Cat Connector is now ready to hold your favourite charms!

This version is crafted out of 18K solid yellow gold with three Amethysts set in the tip of each ear to add a subtle glow that will accentuate the charms you love.

Subsequent pieces will be launched as my jeweller finishes them. As each piece is handmade by a small family business jeweller, the process is slower than usual but this only means we are further supporting small businesses!

Measurements are Approximate
Material: 18K Yellow Gold
Gemstones: Amethyst x6
Total Weight: 1.45g
Measures: 12.6 x 13 mm
Hallmarks: 750

Birthstone Month: Amethyst - February

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